About Me

The world is a toolbox waiting to be opened.

I’m an American-born, Indian-raised designer who grew up on the internet – inspired by the creative potential of technology through video games, electronic music and memes.

After a childhood of traveling, tinkering and thriving in the spaces between labels, I’ve cultivated a passion to look past assumptions and dogma in favor of understanding people and problems in individual, nuanced ways.

Currently finishing a degree in Interaction Design from the California College of Arts. In my spare time, you’ll find me making mixes and playlists of my favorite music, writing posts on Medium or drinking copious amounts of coffee.

There are no “users” or “designers” – just people that can be empowered.

When a certain Cupertino fruit claims to “Think Different” – and then actively punishes their customers from doing so, I call bullshit. Good design should empower the individual, not limit them.

Technology should satisfy human needs.
Anything else is decoration.

New technologies inspire me – but they aren’t magic formulas for success and relevance. Technological development should be pursued to improve human experiences – it shouldn’t be an end goal in itself.

Design for the 7 billion, not the 7 million.

I’ve visited every continent on Earth and experienced cultures as wide apart as North Africa and North Korea. The world is bigger than the people we know or the places we live. In a global society, I believe my role as a designer is to make sure everyone can participate in the things that we create.

Some tunes I’ve been listening to – compiled by yours truly.