A flexible visual system for a flexible design agency

This summer, I had the pleasure of working at Metrik, a design and strategy agency based in Portrero Hill, San Francisco. One of my projects was to create graphics and a central tagline for a new update to Metrik's website.

Duration1 week
ClientMetrik LLC
DateJune 2018
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Craft a tagline and series of illustrations for Metrik’s new website that draw on the core of what the agency is.

In order to craft an effective written and visual message for the future trajectory of Metrik,
I had to examine and understand Metrik’s journey so far.

After looking through previous Metrik websites and published articles, I asked myself the following questions:

∙ How has Metrik defined themselves over the years?
∙ What has remained consistent through Metrik’s evolution?
∙ Does Metrik’s history reveal a clear direction for the future?


Although it’s a small agency, Metrik has been around for over 18 years. Over time, they’ve steadily broadened the scope of their work – going from being designers “for mobile and web” to designers “of narrative and vision”.

What has remained consistent is their interest in in combining visual design with technical design, balancing business needs with user needs and placing a priority on thoughtful dialogue and collaborative process with their clients.

These learnings were the roots I used to craft a newer message.


Current Slogan: “We design the vision for industries of meaningful change.”

While this tagline clearly states a service that Metrik offers (“designing the vision”), the phrase used to target their audience, “industries of meaningful change”, is not as well defined, and may act as a deterrent to potential customers who may not immediately identify themselves with that term.

The new slogan would need to utilize these best practices for ad copy in order to improve from the current state:

∙ Highlight what makes the client unique
∙ Focus on features that directly benefit potential customers
∙ Employ brief, efficient communication

Future slogan: “Designing strategies, systems and solutions that scale”

The new slogan is succinct in expressing Metrik’s core services, and combines it with the core factor that makes them unique and provides a direct benefit to clients – their desire to craft thoughtful, flexible solutions that work in the long term.

A unique visual system

The final graphics I created for Metrik’s upcoming website are a series of line contours on a 6x6x6 isometric grid.

This shapes in this system have an interesting set of contrasts and tension. For example, although the shapes are relatively simple their isometric nature creates a strong sense of depth and volume. The open ended nature of the lines can help activate the space of the composition, while also hinting at infinite paths, possibilities and transformations – an apt visual metaphor for Metrik’s expertise.